Shut Up.

Alriiiiiiiiiiight, let’s be honest here: how many times have we said that inside of our heads when someone comes up to us, and wants “to talk”?

*Raises hand* Ummm….yes, that has been my attitude sometimes, unfortunately.

I have to finish this homework assignment first. I have to work out first. I have to watch my favorite TV show now because it’s only on once a week. I have to eat something first. I have to call my mom first. I have to be at a meeting by this time. People are counting on me. People are waiting for me. People will be disappointed in me if I don’t do this now. People need me.

I went to a Casting Crowns concert last night and the lead singer said something that totally shocked my heart awake: Jesus did more ministry on his way to ministry than anybody. 

We live in a culture that is always going, going, going. We don’t leave room for down time. Many of us don’t create margin in our life to just enjoy it. We don’t leave room to rest. We are always going somewhere, have to do something, finish the incomplete. This doesn’t just affect every day life, but it affects our view of what ministry is all about.

I will venture and say we are not positioning our hearts in the proper way. We want to do something radical for Jesus….we want to do something big for people….we want to serve in large capacities….we want to be the hands that God uses to heal people….we want to be the voice God uses to prophecy over people….we want to be the feet that God uses to take us across the world to spend time loving hurting poverty-stricken people.
But even LITTLE things, are ministry. Taking that hour out of your night to listen to a hurting friend is what Jesus would do. Paying for a stranger’s groceries when it is pressed on your heart is what Jesus would do. Letting a car pull in front of you quickly and deciding not to be angry or to be first is what Jesus would do. Taking time to pray for a friend when they come to mind, is what Jesus would do. Asking someone how they are really doing, and being genuinely concerned with what they have to say is what Jesus would do. Jesus did more ministry on his way to ministry than anybody. 

So, as we go about our busy day….stop and understand that interruptions will happen, and when they do, embrace them and love them. They will help us learn to be more like Jesus.

When you feel like you are not doing anything BIG for His kingdom, remember that even the littlest of things, are just as important.

Allow yourself to live…to enjoy life…to position your heart to have a good attitude through the interruptions that occur during your most busiest of days…to stop your schedule and not be in a hurry to get to where you want to go. You might just miss out on a beautiful moment God wanted to give you to bless someone else.

Rethink: Ministry. 

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