The Fern

The Story of my logo | Oh how I loved designing this logo. P.S., I created one with an image from Google, and my cousin Maria said she could recreate the fern with watercolor and make it my own. Look how beautiful it turned out!!


Copy of Thrive 2 logo


Copy of Thrive 2 logo (1)

I have always had an obsession with trees and ferns. I almost got a tattoo on my birthday this past year of a tree based off of a favorite passage in Scripture (hopefully next birthday I’ll be wearing the ink on my arm). I also was persistent during wedding planning season of telling my mom I wanted to incorporate ferns in some way.

So, naturally…I went with a logo that looked like a fern or a tree.

I love that trees are growing, change with seasons, and also have a history that can be told by looking at the number of rings that exist when cut down.

Something I love about ferns is that they can survive in various climates and on different altitudes. Ferns are considered an invasive species due to their increased reproduction rate, and their ability to occupy new habitats quickly. They have a fibrous root, which means they can absorb water and nutrients quickly in order to grow. Ferns are used for various things like:

  • Absorb heavy metals from air and soil, preventing pollution
  • Absorb nitrogen from the air, which is why they are used by farmers as a natural fertilizer
  • Building materials

I want my life coaching business to help you thrive like a fern! Can you imagine the change that can happen if you spent some time investing in yourself, your dreams, stepping away from unhealthy relationships or habits, etc etc etc? There’s something in your life that just doesn’t feel right, look right, or makes you feel stuck. I don’t know about you, but I want my life to be like a fern’s! Being stuck is the worst, and I’ve been there several times without knowing what to do.

I want to: 

  • thrive in different environments 
  • grow with time 
  • be strong enough to build new things
  • be a person who can “fertilize” the ground I’m on and invest in myself and people around me with authenticity and forward movement  

I’m so thankful for this opportunity to start a life coaching business because everyone has untapped potential and needs someone to come alongside of them to believe in them! Change is hard enough, but to do it alone can feel impossible.

Who wants to be a fern and thrive?

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