Dear Santa,

Christmas is almost here, which is a terrifying reality for me as I wait until the last minute to find the absolute perfect gifts for everyone that I love. Gift giving is not a huge love language of mine.. but quality time, quality conversations are for sure my #1.

Or you are also like me, and people want to know what you want for Christmas, and you have NO idea. NO clue! So here’s an idea…

Ask for life coaching as a gift your parents or spouse or sibling or best friend can gift to you this Christmas!!! It is the perfect way to start out any of those New Years Resolutions you have, but don’t have the accountability that you have needed to push forward and stick with it. We all get stuck and need a push (or a lot of pushes, lets be honest). Life coaching can help you not only push forward for 6 sessions, but it can also help transform the way you process and make decisions. It can give you courage to make necessary changes as they arise, and take responsibility for the parts you can control or change.


From now until the end of the year, I have a THRIVE promotion package that will make for a perfect Christmas gift.

~ One complimentary session (so you can see what life coaching looks like, feels like, and what rises up as I ask you pointed, and powerful questions to get down to your WHY? before we find your how and what)
~ 6 one hour life coaching sessions with me
~ Coaching exercises that will be used during our sessions that will guide you towards greater understanding of where you want to go, and how to get there
~ Learning how to take ownership over your life, and understanding the parts you have control over vs. the parts you don’t have control over
~ Greater clarity of what matters to you right now, and deeper understanding for where you want to be using action steps and SMART goals

What can you gain, learn, grow, stop or start by taking this next step and working with a life coach for 6+ sessions right now?

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