Why my goals were pushed to the sideline

I woke up this morning feeling inspired to write…reflecting on the year as so many of us do. I began to weave memories and stories together, and thanking Jesus that I decided to keep my life and to remain faithful to him in this year of great despair and great hope. How can a year change me so much? 

Then I went on Facebook. I read these words from another young wife like me: “Brad went home to be with our Savior at 2:33 this morning. I will post visitation and service details once his dad and I finalize everything.” 

My heartbeat felt deep and noticeable. My throat tightened, hard to breathe.  I had been following Brad and Joyce’s story via Facebook for months, found out Brad was cancer free in September, and then found out his cancer metastasized and was now in his bones and all down his spine a couple of months after that. What gripped me even more was Brad and Joyce’s story of still choosing to love and trust Jesus, no matter the outcome of what the cancer would do. In a time when I felt abandoned by God, I asked “how are they in this place?” 

Even though I couldn’t relate to this beautiful couple with the days and months of quiet sadness, feeling like my body had failed me, praying over my husband as he died a little every day – it brought me great hope that God was still a good God because he wants to be near to us no matter what. I think Tim Keller explains it well in this sermon (if you have a half hour commute somewhere…and unlimited data).

As a life coach, I love hearing peoples’ dreams. After 10 minutes into a session with a client, I feel the adrenaline rush when I think of a great question to ask them that will breakdown this huge dream into a sizable chunk they can actually tackle that week.

But today. I’m reminded to love my people. I’m reminded that death and sickness are a part of this world, and a part of our lives.

I’m reminded that I want to remind my husband why I love him so much and grateful for how much he makes me laugh. I want to remind my mom that she is still loved by me, even though we disagree on things.

I want to remind younger couples to talk through their expectations and communicate what is in their head (stop mind reading your spouse, people!), or older couples to invent new memories or traditions with one another. I want to remind widows and widowers that they still have purpose to live, and have so much love to offer.

I want to remind kids to daydream and use their imagination. I want to remind my grandparents that they have wisdom and stories that I will learn from.

That’s what I want from 2018. I want to love my people well.

As I change, as I grow, as I make decisions, as I move forward, as I get a new job, as I remember, as I make new memories, as I travel, as I do hard things, as I do fun things, as I reconnect with friends, as I make new ones…to love my people through listening, being present, making time, creating with, verbally affirming them, etc. etc. the list goes on.

As you reflect on 2017, whether it was the best year or worst year yet… how can you love your people well? 

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