Steal my date night hack

This is a fun post…who struggles with date nights?

Not to brag, but I love the system Paul + I have set up. Here’s our one-two-three-punch date night hack formula…

  • Schedule your date nights, and DON’T compromise that time you set aside to spend time together. Since Paul + I don’t have kids, we set aside every Thursday night after work for each other. No added friends, no family, no double dates! Just me + him time for one night a week. If we both agree on really wanting to do something with our family or friends, we make a rare exception and reschedule it for another night that week.
  • Alternate planning and surprising your partner every other week. You take turns! This makes the dates feel special and exciting. You each practice being spontaneous, and also teaches you how to plan ahead and be thoughtful in picking an activity the other person would enjoy.
  • Be creative! Planning a date night for you and your partner every other time helps you to be creative, especially when you’re on a budget. Paul + I didn’t want to spend any money the month of December because we wanted to put that money towards a weekend getaway right before Christmas. Plan out in advance how much you are both willing to put aside each month towards date night, and be creative when the budget is tight! 

Some of my favorite dates with Paul (feel free to steal) 😉


Sombrero Night: This was a Paul-planned date. We had to drive around Rochester, and we had to find creative poses and scenarios where he would take pictures of me wearing a sombrero. We then had to post them on Facebook, and have people vote for their favorite.  |  Cost of date: Less than $10 for beverages at a coffee shop that was our last destination

Comedy + Old Toad: I planned a night to a local place that hosts lots of writing workshops, stand-up comedy, book clubs, etc. We got there late, and they were wrapping up on the last stand up comedian, but we were able to check out new events that were coming up! We then went to the Old Toad, which is an old-fashioned English styled pub where we played darts and stayed for their trivia night.  |  Cost of date: $20 for drinks

Dinner Party: We went to one of our favorite restaurants and split an entree, and while we waited and ate… we had to write a murder mystery themed dinner party that we would one day like to host and invite friends to (we only got as far as creating the characters and the plot… but it was such a fun and unique conversation to have over dinner).   |   Cost of date: $0 because we used a gift card!

What are some of your date night hack ideas, or favorite dates you want to share? What are some things that get in the way? Is it not finding a baby sitter enough in advance, do you struggle with finding creative ways to have fun together, do you feel stuck when it comes to coming up with dates or way to connect with your partner? What is one thing you can do differently so that you can move towards greater connection in your relationship?

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