About Me

My name is Jacqui Stack, and I am the founder of Thrive Life Coaching. When I first learned what life coaching was, the concept intrigued me. It was a business all about believing in people; not telling them what to do, not giving advice, not diagnosing or counseling, not doing the work for them, but believing in their potential to grow. When you get a life coach, you have more than a mentor. You have a change expert. I will help you tap into the ability you have to make changes and see transformation in any given area of your life you are not satisfied with. It encourages you to take responsibility and learn a new way of doing, so that even after your sessions are done with me — you are empowered to use the tools and exercises you have to change what you hate or are tired of! Does that sound like a deal worth investing in? Heck yes!

I reached out to Cindy Scott, founder of Bridges Coaching to begin my certification process. Not only did I receive my coaching certification, but I was also coached myself. I saw myself make small steps that ended up making a HUGE difference in the way I viewed life, my decisions, my relationships, my job – literally, anything I was dissatisfied with. I made progress in all areas of my life: I started to see a counselor, I started to have less toxic self talk, I joined a Celebrate Recovery group to learn how to share with more authenticity and practice active listening, I started to ask my husband for what I wanted and needed, and freaking started my own life coaching business! Now, I’m working on networking with entrepreneurs in the Rochester community where I live to start dreaming about starting a nonprofit that will aid human trafficked victims to healing through recovery work, coaching, career shadowing, building educational partnerships, and hoping to develop a program where they can start their own businesses like I have based on the passions they discover over time.

Do you want to see dramatic change like this?

Guess what? I just proved something. Dramatic change is possible. Lets start working together on a plan starting with one small change at a time, and I promise you will see the progress you have been craving.

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what does this look like?

  • First step, you should join my tribe and become a subscriber. I blog when I have inspiration or a great question to ask, and this is simple way to stay connected with me as my newest posts get sent directly to your e-mail for inspiration. Do it now! Scroll to the bottom.
  • Next step is to let me know you want to get started on this journey with me! Ah! I can’t wait! You can do this by filling out the “Contact” section on my website, reach out to me via Facebook, or e-mail me at jacquistack@thrivelifecoaching.org. I want to know what your story is. Where do you feel stuck? What’s a dream you have? Where do you want to start movin’ and shakin’ and doing? I can’t wait to connect!
  • I will initiate your complimentary 1-hour coaching session with me once a date and time have been decided. Whose excited? I am. And you definitely are too. 
  • I will send you an e-mail with a welcome packet, and a contract you will sign once we agree on number of sessions, and payment once you decide to work with me (this will be taken care of after your complimentary session with me)
  • We will meet via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom meeting, or Google chat for the allotted time we agree on for a specific time frame.
  • We will begin our first session talking about an exercise “The Wheel of Life” that I will send to you prior to our first meeting so that we have some direction when coming up with a goal you want to achieve. Yes, we literally start work right away. Hit the ground running, that’s how we roll.
  • You are in the driver’s seat. You come to me with your goals and struggle points, sharing with me where you want to go. My job is to ask powerful questions that help you think more clearly, push you to go deeper, and provide structure to stay focused. Who needs more of that in their life? Less advice, and more listening to where you really really want to go?


Other than coaching…

I just got married in October of 2016 to the hottest man ever, and he is currently begging me to adopt a pug. I love going to the Public Market on Saturdays with the hubs, and am always on the hunt for new places to travel and third wave coffee shops. If you love to dance as much as my best-sister-friend Janel and I do, you should check out our YouTube channel: Kemp.sisters. I am a Christian and I love Jesus a lot. My top five strengths according to Gallup’s Strengths Finder are: positivity, includer, developer, empathy, and belief.

One of my favorite things to do is to share pieces of my story through writing.  I want you to follow and be a subscriber! I like getting personal + asking really thoughtful questions I have asked myself, so I will be bringing that passion of mine into our coaching sessions when we start working together.

May pieces of my story bring you courage that you are worth loving, celebrating, and investing time and money in yourself to gain that confidence you need to kill it at life. It’s time for your coaching season to begin! I’m ready. Are you?!