Jericho House: a home for people that have been human trafficked or are seeking refuge in Rochester, NY.  The home will have trauma care (counseling + Celebrate Recovery 12-step program), but it will also be a long-term program for certain individuals in order to:

  • Develop life skills: how to be a part and run a household, budgeting, shopping, etc.
  • Job shadowing and internships (3-6 months commitment preferable)
  • Trade training (beautician, mechanic, construction, barista, etc.)
  • Strengths Finder and other assessments to better understand what their calling is
  • Hobby Exploration Program (depending on partners that want to invest in helping our guests with developing a talent / hobby: music lessons, sports, art, dance, writing, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurship Program: For a select few guests, they will have the opportunity to work with a successful coach to develop a business idea, and execute their own businesses.

If you would like to stay updated on my journey of pioneering Jericho House, I believe it will be a long one of networking, writing grants, finding investors, building my community partner team, finding a home, fundraising, etc. I am excited to announce that I will be embarking on this exciting venture while I am working, and taking this step by step.  I want you to come along for the ride as I learn, experiment, and move forward (with all my encouraging and discouraging days that make up this process).  And I am open to it changing vision, goal, and who this place is going to help (it will fall together piece by piece). I did want to give you an idea of what I am envisioning this place will offer so that if you are interested at all, or know of someone that I need to connect with – you have an idea of what kind of place has formed in my head over the past 8 years.

Why is it called Jericho House? It’s explained best here.

Just like the walls of Jericho coming down, it was God’s strategy that made them fall in His timing. With that being said, I may have ideas of what this will look like or when it will be finished – but only God knows, and I’m ok with that!  I do feel like He is asking me to step out in faith, and begin sharing this dream I have with others and start connecting with people who can help me who have more experience and business expertise.

Did you know that the FBI knows where many people are that are being human trafficked, but they can’t conduct rescue missions because there are not enough beds in the U.S.??  There’s no where for these people to go!  That is heartbreaking for me to know.  So, here I am stepping out in faith and hoping you will be praying for me and for the people that are supposed to be on a team with me to see God build this beautiful dream He has for these people into reality.