** Jacqui is not accepting new clients at this time.  Please use the contact form if you would like to work with her when she has availability. **


I am offering two different options to you, depending on how you are motivated and what you need to succeed! You can pay for a specific number of sessions which are hourly, or you can have more access to me and resources by choosing one of my flat rate packages below.


Contact me here right now to get started and take advantage of your complimentary session to test drive a life coaching session with me and see how it will provide that fresh perspective and positivity you’ve been craving! Seriously. Free first session? Yes. You read correctly. What are you waiting for?! 


: session packages :

1 SESSION | 1 hour of Life Coaching

6 SESSIONS | 6 hours of Life coaching (Pst! You can save if you sign up for more than one session at a time. Secret’s out. You’re welcome!) 


: full access packages :

These are my favorite packaged deals I offer because it means we get to work really hard for three or six months together!  I love that these packages reflect your decision to dive all in, and spend quality time, money, and work in order to evaluate, process, and change things or your mindset in a variety of areas you are frustrated by.  Both full access packages include the following:

  • Full access to me via E-mail and Zoom meetings we set up each week. You can reach out to me every day of this 3-month period, and I will respond within 24 hours
  • Webinars on a monthly basis (the topics will range from professional development, assessing and using the Enneagram, spiritual growth exercises, and cognitive behavior therapy exercises that have helped me to change how I think about myself to name a few)
  • Strengths Finders assessment and walk through to help you better understand your strengths and how to apply them in your personal and professional life


Recommended if you are looking to:

  • gain more confidence in yourself and where you want to go in life (go back to school, change careers, thrive in your relationships, find a community where you belong)
  • you want exponential growth to change your lifestyle (lose weight, eat better, make the necessary appointments with counselors, doctors, etc.) Did you know it takes approximately 66 days to form a habit?
  • processing important relationships and your priorities around those relationships to develop a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • understanding how to make decisions, move forward, and get unstuck despite having a mental illness with low energy and lack of motivation


Recommended if you are looking to:

  • grow your business or change direction and need help reinventing yourself
  • starting over in an area of life: new career direction, considering going back to school, want to process a serious relationship or family dynamics – figure out your role and what you have control over vs. what you don’t
  • career change or starting something that matters to you: have you been wanting to start something that you just need help understanding what strategies need to be implemented so you can propel into action?
  • wanting to process your recovery with someone other than a counselor or family members so that you can have a balanced understanding of what you are working on in counseling or a recovery group and how you can set goals both personally and professionally to not stay stuck in all that you are processing, but have me to help you have forward thinking!