There comes a moment in every life where one must asses if their future is conceptualized. I had this moment roughly a month ago and I reached out to Jacqui to help me eliminate things that are distracting me and embrace a focused discipline on my goals. Not only did I achieve a massive amount of clarity in an hour of coaching, but I also felt much more confident. Since our goal setting session, I have written 6 songs for my third record. I started writing another worship record. I started a board game project and many many more things. I am doing all of this while working 40+ hours a week, having an amazing girlfriend, and every excuse to say I don’t have enough time. Jacqui helped me unleash my true capabilities. I hope you will not make the same mistake I have for years by not having a coach because you can’t change your thinking with your thinking. You need someone to help you see what you cannot see. Jacqui is that person!

{ Paul Rankin, Musician }


Working with Jacqui through this life coaching experience has made a tremendous impact in my day to day life. You name it; I’ve thrown every possible topic at Jacqui as I have been processing through family, life, new changes with being a stay at home Mom, and so so much more. I love how open she has made me feel to share my thoughts, even if I’m not sure where to go with those thoughts yet. Her questions are thought provoking and never judgmental. She has so many great ways to cope and take next steps needed. I love that she has allowed me to set the pace for our meetings and I love that she was okay if I changed topics completely. If your processing through big changes in your life or even if you just need someone to talk through life with, Jacqui is the person to go to. She is a wonderful coach.

Danielle DeGraff, Stay-At-Home Mama }


It was my last year at Monroe Community College when I decided to let Jacqui Stack life coach me. It was honestly the best decision ever. My relationship with my family is better than ever. Life coaching helped me get through my cancer journey by looking at the positives in life. Jacqui would never tell me what to do but would help me discover the answer to my problems. She helped me understand that every problem in life has a solution no matter what! Thank you, Jacqui!

{ Wassila Khattab, Interior Designer }


Jacqui is an absolutely incredible speaker and a brilliant life coach. She spoke in front of a group of college students at MCC and managed to not only grab the attention of everyone in the room, but also connect deeply with several students who approached her afterwords. Jacqui is a beautiful blend of knowledge, expertise, and gentleness. Whether a student was going through a rough patch or living a mountain top experience, she managed to relate to them and advise them to take the next step. Her practical exercises gave the students a new way to approach problems. We can’t wait to have her back!

{ Campus Ambassadors, Monroe Community College }


Jacqui’s professionalism matched with commitment to her clients has made a powerful impact in the world of life coaching.  She has a genuine desire to see her clients thrive in every aspect of their lives.  Most important, Jacqui is patient with the process of change.  She invests both time and trust.  This has enabled me to feel safe in opening up about what I want and receive her support in going after that.  It’s clear she wants the best for her clients. And she is committed to helping them take the steps to get there, while learning to enjoy the journey.

{ Sarah Norton, Fitness Trainer }


As weird as this may sound, I highly recommend this to the men out there. There is something very powerful about a Godly woman’s perspective. We are meant to be warriors for the Kingdom, and Jacqui really equips you to put away all distractions and excuses from your calling. I have always had big dreams, and Jacqui not only motivates me to not give up but also provides me with the right personal images and attitudes to go huge!

{ Orlando Diaz, Musician }

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Jacqui did a great job providing prompts to help me think through what I find important to change & what concrete steps to take. She is approachable and easy to share with, and also practical, to the point! We got through so much in just one session. I highly recommend her!

{ Sheri ParkArtist + Entrepreneur }


I recently did a complimentary session with Jacqui to get acquainted with life coaching. Although I was initially somewhat skeptical, I realized how valuable it is to verbalize decisions that need to be made and to have someone with expertise give you solid, practical steps to move forward. I walked away with a sense of clarity, encouragement and direction.

{ Katy Martin, MarketingRebuilding Together }


It’s one thing to say that you’re “working on” the next big (or small) shift in your life. It’s another thing to actually get after it! Sometimes all it takes is someone to listen. Other times, it’s someone to push you to ask the bigger questions. It can even be that someone helps you to focus on what should be immediate, and what can wait for tomorrow.

It was absolutely wonderful having Jacqui listen as I verbally processed the big and small things, and it was really helpful to even just say some things out loud. Her compassion and empathy are genuine, but also professional. I was totally comfortable throughout the entire session. For anyone who is looking for a listening ear, a sounding board, or someone to bring focus and clarity to their situation, I have full confidence that Jacqui will motivate you to take the next steps!

{ Sean Hardy, Admissions Counselor Roberts Wesleyan College }


I was Jacqui’s peer partner throughout the entirety of the coaching certification course and if there is one I learned about Jacqui it’s that she truly cares about the success of others! She is supportive, attentive and an expert at asking people thoughtful questions to get them to think outside the box. Jacqui would be a great resource for anyone looking to make a lifestyle change or move forward toward their life goals.

{ Deanna Kenyon, Certified Coach }


Jacqui walked through Bridges Coach Training and I was privileged to be her coach training facilitator personally. I love her heart for people and for helping them reach their goals.

Assisting people toward their preferred destiny is no small task, but if you are serious about getting unstuck and moving forward, coaching with Jacqui could make all the difference!

{ Cindy Scott, Founder of Bridges Coaching }